scarred the vicious cycle

Scarred (The Vicious Cycle)

It has been known victims of extreme physical, emotional, or sexual abuse grow up to take on the role of abuser — can this psychological cycle be applied to the United States’ turmoil? Both US political parties have become increasingly polarized, to the point at which there is no bridging the gap. How are we to stop this cycle of chaos if communication is off-limits?

It’s strange the way we break
things and people.
Without thinking
with much thought
and careful deliberation
we break, we snap, we tear,
but none of it
puts us together again.
No one else’s broken parts
or bleeding hearts,
no stolen bits
can make us whole.
Hurting brings no salve.
Taking binds no bones.
Hate can only blister,
ravage and transform
until its keeper
resembles the monster
that gave them all their scars.

C. L. Killgore is a wife, writer and wild pup-wrangler. She lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Michael, and their two pups, Wrigley and Arkkis Pond. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous journals including Poetry Quarterly, Haiku Journal, Dual Coast Magazine and Jitter Press. You can find more about her on Facebook and Instagram @ C L Killgore or at

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