nighttime stroll

Nighttime Stroll

How important are reflective, contemplative, and calming experiences for individual growth? Is the modern world priming us to need more of these moments or less? Is self-doubt required for personal development?

Escaping, dinner passed, into that final frontier,
Skull-bound in chains of senselessness shared:

Gutter hovel in-gathered gloom of shadows loom — this weave of night
Bidden, verily smitten as young lovers — an apple first time tasted
That hissing, sibilant silence at edge of twilight lurking
It is here, in these moments entranced, arrived I at this destination
A culmination of stagnant, soupy dreams and ambitions laid low by the rot of time
This casual stroll down still lingering streets, steps rocking cadence:
A smorgasbord of memory flickering out of tune
Here in the calm, heady bosom of gloaming night,
Wind-sipping beneath summer leaves: a time for thinking
An inward glance, a matter of scales measuring the darkness amid the light
Above, the scattering of stars, as good deeds upon a sea of azure and midnight hues
Some masked by cloud-quilt gathering thunderheads
A soppy message delivered in the morning.
All this: a reflection of my eyes in window glass
At last! A shuddering of these burdens, as inward slips askew that sprite of surreality
The cowl of midnight dreams supplants all the length of scrollwork inked
A lifetime etched and furled

Thankful for these moments peaking, backwards seeking
To unmask that face before me, mirror-bound

William T. Blackburn struggles still to find his car keys in Ohio (USA). He holds a BA in English: Writing and Music Composition from Westminster College. His work appears in SCRAWL: 94, Emerald Press, Route 7 Review: 6 & 7, Edify Fiction: Teen, Thirty West-Weekly Degree 6/19, The Blue Mountain Review 16, fws:journal of literature & art: 2 & 3, Paragon Press: Tales of Reverie, The Anti-Languorous Project: Soundbite 4, AbstractMagazineTV-Contemporary Expressions, Soliloquies Anthology: 24.1, and Poet’s Choice. Newer work will appear soon in Castabout Anthology, Please See Me, The Rainbow Poems and Ricochet Review 8. He contributed to Adirondack Center for Writing: PoemVillage-2019 and 2020, and Riza Press/Pen and & Paper “Giving” anthology.

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