The Nature of Protest

The question of “why do we protest”? is easy to answer. When and how we protest are more complicated questions with blurred lines and no easy answers. What are the results from lines crossed or limits reached? How does the severity of the injustice relate to the medium of revolt? In these works, the artist investigates the methods of loud and quiet violence that are the result of public and private suffering. He takes a look at the scene without context, so we may ask “what emotions bring individuals to this point and how do we react upon seeing it expressed”?



Wine Truck

Jack Veenstra was born in 1995 in Glendale CA. Like many, he practiced art at a young age and continued with this passion throughout his life. Jack spent much of his free time as a kid experimenting with picture making and visual storytelling. He explored many different mediums, digital and traditional. In addition to his self-education, Jack obtained a minor in art while finishing his Bachelors’s degree in Economics. His time in school mixed his love of art with an education on human behavior and patterns, and he continues to pull from this education to put into his art. He has had some working experience as an artist, including: graphic design, character design, animation, and storyboard art. He now continues to work on his own personal projects. Jack finds inspiration in other illustrators such as Shaun Tan (author of The lost thing), Chris Van Allsberg (Polar Express), Shel Silverstein (Where the sidewalk ends), and more. Jacks work is heavily influenced by visual stories and literature and he tries to imbue each picture with narrative while also leaving room for the viewers’ interpretations.

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