Inventory: Freedom of Movement In Our Grounded State (A Photo Essay)

The following inventory project is intertwined with the pain of restricted freedom of movement in this current health crisis period. From this grounded place, a longing for intimate places outside the confines of the home arises. Each of these images is part of an inventory count of moments that were taken for granted and are no longer so.

Unmade Bed, Kyrgyzstan

Now, when the right thing to do is to concentrate on adapting to the new situation in the world, I find myself looking for explanations in the past. An important person once said, “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” Luckily, this was never my ambition.

Trees In The Carmel Forest, Israel

The dictionary definition of the word ‘static’ is « Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way. » Nowadays, when freedom of movement is sacrificed on the altar of the common good, undesirable and uninteresting are maybe the required outcome.

Tiled Roof, France

A yellow rose I see through my window reminds me that it is May and also last year’s spring. Its bright color lifted my spirits and its aroma followed me for days.

Triangle Swimsuit, France

Is the danger outside worse than the skeletons in the closet? The world outside has always been safer than the world inside.

Morning Bed

Another morning. I did not forget to take my vitamins but the routine made me doubt it.

The first thing I’ll do when I get out of quarantine is go to the drug store.

Cobwebs, France

I once dreamed I was arrested. Quite banally, my subconscious placed me in a cell very similar to my room.

In my cell, some stairs led to a small, high window and the door was not always locked either.

Still, I did not dare to go out.

The solution of the past became the problem of today. Or maybe it’s the opposite.

Wooden Broom

“I have no real problem,” I told my therapist in a video call. “I’m sure everything will go away once I’m free.” Now that is something to think about.

Chess Game

In a small hotel in a faraway country, a former world chess champion was staying in the room next to me. I thought to myself back then what a sublime aspiration it is to excel at something. Today, I wrote down in my diary that I decided to give it some serious thought.

Vines In The Snow, France

If ever I am allowed to travel the world again, I will surely go to a bustling place. Only then can I wonder if I might be afraid of the wrong thing.

Three Men And A Beer, France

Everything is relative.

Chili Pepper On A Rope, Croatia

Isolation is also relative. Relatively lonely.

Apartment For Rent, France

On the edge of town in the heart of the frozen wilderness, with the blue sky and warm sand on the shores of the great sea, one might mistake this place with the French Riviera. A cruel wind pushed me down the street. I stopped by a campfire from last night with canned sardines and an empty bottle of vodka in it. Long live the difference between Nice and Siberia.

Branch On Wires, France

There is a famous Hebrew expression and its literal meaning is roughly « If the cedars caught fire, what will the hyssops of the wall say? »

Today, I was a hyssop that didn’t catch fire.

Coffee Cups, Albania

August 20th.

Exactly a year ago, a Mongolian yak man asked me what a vegan is.

In doing so, he drained an entire life philosophy into a privilege served on a silver platter.


Let’s talk about information.

The one who benefits from a lack of communication between people is the one who controls my consciousness and creates my reality.

Are my thoughts really still my own?

Empty Flower Box, France

Speaking of thoughts, if I’m still asking questions, does that mean my mind is free?

A Burger, Cuba

Speaking of freedom. Is there anything in the world that is more important to me than that?

Decorated Ceiling

There is no real difference between beauty and ugliness if the purpose of both is to provoke controversy.

Dry Leaves In The Snow, France

I remember I used to not like rugs. Stepping on them would make me shiver.

This is probably no longer the case but just to be on the safe side, I’ll try not to step on them today.

Fried Fish On A Round Plate, China

It has always been difficult for me to take portraits. There is something about pleasing the subject that has always deterred me from dealing with it.

I also do not like to be the photographed subject myself for exactly this reason that I am never happy with the result.

I ask myself if I often deprive others of what I myself do not like.

Spiral Staircase

“My real self wanders elsewhere, far away, wanders on and on invisibly and has nothing to do with my life.”

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Yaara Rozner Laize is an Israeli photographer and ‘slow travel’ blogger currently living and working in France. She is an experienced traveler who specializes in culture-focused, in-depth trips to less-traveled destinations. The past few years of her life were dedicated to travel photography and she continuously creating personal and commercial projects. This period of health crisis has caused her to focus on an “inventory” project that perpetuates her current state of mind.

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