Beyond The Consequences Of Time

What is human life? We never quite have a full grasp on the whole, as it’s always just out of reach. The following visual art series is a parable on man’s destiny and his relationship with what is beyond. The conceptual and philosophical dialogue among different positions combines the downfall of an old world with the human tendency for something exalted. In both cases, what is interesting is not what is factually happening, but how we see reality and the world, and how we project in them our inner thoughts and feelings.

Something To Remember

“Something To Remember” presents a time-inducing extraordinary world created based on a sketch and augmented by rich, detailed work. The dreamlike environment combines with a surreal processed representational scene, taking us on a mind journey through human history. The painting doesn’t relate to any traditional historical facts, so any similarity that is found is by chance.


“Prana” refers to a state of grace in which the Spirit interacts with its many manifestations, expressing various aspects of infinity through the art of conjunction.

Objects In A State Of Consciousness

“Objects In A State Of Consciousness” merges the boundaries of the underwater world, the moonlit night sky, and the alien-futuristic landscape. It is an almost metaphysical approach to the Nature of Things, which is present here as a journey into the heart of enigma, through the eyes of the indispensable pursuit of mysticism.


Even though a person lives in a civilized society, he often feels a craving for nature, a desire to return to the mother earth, to the roots of our ancestors, who wore the skins of killed animals on themselves and performed mystical rituals under the moon’s light. This painting symbolizes the impossibility of reaching a full understanding of the wild side of human personality, while emphasizing the subconscious desire to explore it.

Solace In Solitude

Following up on a sketch-based series of works, “Solace In Solitude” reaches more in-depth into the mystery of the inner realm, presenting a blend of diverse worlds artfully combined in an organic fashion. We are all primarily a pure Spirit who is looking for a quiet and calm environment, a place where we would not have to think about the problems and sorrows of this life, where we experience absolute peace and comfort, where we understand ourselves better.

Soul Cage

“Soul Cage” is a reflective work, allowing us to get in touch with our more profound thoughts. It is a portal of questions for God, a soul retrieval, a ritual of deep time dreaming. What is human life? We never quite have a full grasp on the whole; it’s always just out of reach. This piece provides an enriching symbolic statement on the extent of the human condition.

Walking On Yellow

“Walking On Yellow“ is a lucid, ephemeral, and eloquent walk through a desert land, in the middle of which is a balancing, mirage-like structure — a symbolic interpretation of life and death. One side leads us closer to our most wishful hopes, while the other distances us. The integral nature of both is key to defining our existence.


“Mama-Substrata” is an allegory about the meaning of life, of beauty, of hope. The figure represents an expansive yet elegant balance point, connected to the flow within time. Here, we have a chance to absorb these moments of creative impulse as they occurred through the eyes of a painter.

Ancient Dreams

“Ancient Dreams” presents the story of a fabulously mystical and advanced civilization that was swept into the sea to be lost forever. The piece is possessed with intense color and a dream-like state, creating a sense of mystery with the mirage-like structures. This piece presents a point of departure of thought for who and what ancient societies could have been.

Alexey Adonin is a Jerusalem based abstract-surrealist artist. His works have been showcased locally and internationally and are held in private collections around the world. Alexey uses a unique and beautiful technique in which he layers oil paints solely on top of one another to create a mystical, transparent look. Alexey’s philosophy stems from the idea that one’s reality is made up of what they believe it to be. He uses his art as a platform to express his profound ideas about reality, humanity, and their intertwined behaviors.

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