Fluid Contortions

The human body is infinitely amazing, particularly in its ability to move through space in small increments. The pieces in this series of digital paintings freeze some of these intricate and complex instants that occur when our muscles engage — with or without our conscious thought — in activities that require the full participation of our beings with another thing or person.

Eightball off left rail far corner pocket

Born in a pool hall, Ernest grew up knowing how the most difficult — some would even contend impossible — shots could be achieved: by pretending that the laws of physics applied only to the actions of the balls as they moved across the felt, and not to the body holding the cue.

Hauling home the firewood

Casper hurried home in the fading light, thinking of his shivering children. The sticks of kindling cut deep and bloody furrows into his back, but his neck and arms and hands and legs continued to do what he’d willed them to do three hours before, and so he just continued forward without thought or expectation.

Joys of childbirth

Not three hours earlier, her mother had tried to tell Briana something of how it all was going to unfold, her old eyes furtive as she wrapped a brown wool shawl across her shoulders and nearly slithered out the door. In the corner, her husband’s hands continued to run the blade of his knife across the whetstone. Then the midwife’s spindly legs folded in upon themselves and as she collapsed and twitched upon the dirt floor, Briana’s pain beginning in earnest.

Monk removing rear brake caliper on 1967 Triumph Thunderbird

The acolyte had always considered that particular year and model of motorcycle to be one of the most elegant examples of all the principles he was learning in the sutras. Once more, his left hand turned the wrench slightly counterclockwise, so that he could close his eyes and at last reach forward with his right thumb and forefinger to slowly release the upper bolt — one thread at a time.

Passing by a crucifixion

When the state trooper, flashlight in hand, waves us slowly past the scene of a particularly grim and grisly highway accident, our heads swivel upon our necks just as they must’ve done long ago when bodies hung like scarecrows in the muddy streets…

Protecting his privates

As the furies came crashing through the skylight, Reginald tried to scurry away, once more regretting he’d been caught without his iron jockstrap. His hands tried to offer what defense they could, but suddenly they seemed to be only weak and feeble shields.

Redhead in slightly pink kimono going down real hard

Maya loved the way her friend was able to return her kisses, mouths and lips and tongue working in perfect unison to achieve that sweet and forever inexplicable point of union and release.

Dave Sims is a recovering college professor who now makes art and music in the old mountains of central Pennsylvania. Since 2016, his traditional and digital paintings and comix have appeared in over fifty tangible and virtual publications, galleries, and exhibits, with new work forthcoming in Burningword, Sunspot Literature, and The Harbor Review. Experience more at www.tincansims.com

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