How are gendered patterns of behavior ingrained within human beings? Do certain societies seem to praise and prioritize a particular gender above the other(s)? How does viewing the world through a gendered lens determine our values? According to this visual artist, if the human race has hope for rectifying its wrongs, it must prioritize its lost feminine side.


Transition to the fifth dimension, which grants us awareness that “all is one.” After understanding that everything is energy (including the human being), we can also understand how everything is connected to…everything. Within the Universe, all is simply an expression, a manifestation, a reflection of a single creative energy source.

None of us are really alone (even if it feels like it), but everything is indissolubly part of the whole. It should be the dimension of communication, of openness, or liberation from all forms of limiting control and conditioning, and from any type of prison.

The perception of time changes further: from circular, it becomes instantaneous.

Mask Off

Breathe in and out. Close your eyes and listen.

Listen to the air passing through you and the come back.

Listen to your heart beating in your chest.


To better define the complex relationships that bind human beings to the water element, it is useful to rely on what has long been discussed within the field of psychology: total abdondonment.

Indulging yourself makes you rediscover yourself.


The expression screams, Look at me! mirroring total abandonment during a sexual act. Though nothing is defined on a technical level, the expression of the girl embodies the request for attention at the precise moment.


The king and queen allowed their young daughter to be chained to a rock on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Andromeda said, “Take away these chains of darkness, set me free: I want to breathe an air of truth. Defeat the fear; fight for me; inform everyone that the chain is broken.”

Gianluca Fascetto is an award-winning artist based in Italy whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Thailand, the United States, and Australia. He describes his artistic expression as the translation of what has marked him, and as a strong exchange of energy and information. Creating in a variety of styles, which include realism, surrealism, and impressionism, Fascetto garners inspiration from what surrounds him, especially from people and their faces.

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