Punkmetal Abstract

How do our senses help us to categorize and make sense of the world around us? The series, “Punkmetal Abstract,” focuses on the human senses and how visual artwork makes humans associate abstract images with things, places, or feelings they have experienced.

Antimatter III

This work focuses on the study of particle physicsin general and the study of antimatter in particular. Humans are a unique species in that we seek to understand abstract phenomena that we see, hear, experience, etc. creating taxonomies and system of classification to help us better understand our universe.


This abstract work was designed out of spontaneous inspiration developed after seeing a series of plants whose shadows mimicked the shape of a butterfly. The human mind, in its attempts to make sense of its surroundings, draws on prior knowledge and association to develop understanding of the present environment. In this case, the artwork is clearly not a distinct tangible subject yet the shapes of the design makes one associate it with that of a butterfly.

Pheonix Ath

Color is perhaps the most noticeable thing when first viewing a piece of art. The focus of this abstract piece was to utilize warm colors to trigger excitation in the senses. At first glance, the contrast between the background and the foreground are striking. The warm reds and yellows associate the image with heat, fire, and intensity. The color scheme makes the artwork carry a tremendous amount of energy transferring it to the viewer.


This artwork was designed with the intent to shock or startle the viewer. There is something innate in human beings that makes them drawn to the bizarre or absurd. In this case, the large series of eyes with multiple mouths indicates some type of living object but the ambiguity encourages the viewer to seek understanding.

Abraham Darlington is originally from Philadelphia, PA. He’s always had an interest in art, especially tattoo art. It wasn’t until he developed a shoulder injury that he began to thoroughly pursue his artistic interests. He has no formal art training. Everything that he’s created has been through hard work, experimentation, and imagination.

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