Kaya (A Visual Art Series on Bodies)

How does one visualize the body from outside while living inside of one? How do we take steps in our individual, personal journeys of accepting ourselves for what and how we are? How do we (especially women) fight against the social pressure to be a certain form or shape? In Sanskrit, “kaya” means “physical body.” In this visual art series, the clear lines suggest the acceptance of oneself, while the surrounding cloud represents society. The use of primary colors is intentional, signifying the basic instinct one needs for freedom. The journey of understanding the universe starts from undressing the fears of one’s soul and accepting them unconditionally.

In Dreams, I Accept My Reality

Here, the color blue is used to give a dream-like quality to the painting, signifying that in my dreams, I don’t have to battle the stereotypes and expectations that society places on me, and can accept my body the way it is, unlike in reality.

Peace, After the War

The color red signifies both passion and rage. This portrait shows a woman lying down after having won the battle with society for acceptance of her own body, basking in her victory for her right to be.

Walking Through the Light

This portrait signifies how, after making peace with one’s own body, one becomes comfortable with their own self without a shadow of doubt, and that makes them feel light. Even walking on the street feels like flying in the sky because the burden of judgment has worn out and one has wings, lighter than feathers, of one’s own love.

Labdhi Shah is a self-taught artist from India currently living in Atlanta. Trained as an economist, clinical psychologist, and art therapist, she is a self-taught artist. She specializes in finger-painted artworks created from intuition without any reference or pre-sketch, distilling the purest expression of her emotion into her art.

Her work was recently on view at the juried exhibition: “Hope – Revolution” at the Stay Home Gallery in Paris, TN, USA, and at the virtual exhibitions, “Small Works”, and “Collective Impact” hosted by Ikouii in Atlanta, GA, and at virtual exhibitions hosted by Las Laguna Gallery (A Light in the darkness), and Student Art Spaces (Art in Adversity). Her recent participatory art installation on the theme of love, titled ‘Rainbow of emotions,’ was featured at the Abhivyakti art festival, 2020.

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  1. Excellent thoughts expressed in art.

    Congratulations to Labdhi for her presentation.

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