Contest: Censorship & Freedom

Do you feel like there’s not enough discussion these days? 

Like there’s a huge divide where there used to be at least some level of respect or understanding?

Perhaps it’s part of our human condition to form in-groups and out-groups, to identify with some but not with others, to be tribal. 

But it’s also part of our human condition to want to progress or advance.

To do this, we must connect with one another. 

We must build bridges, not burn them.

That’s why TAEM is introducing debate contests focused on potentially volatile topics. 

We want you to take a position and explain your position. 

Winners will be from both sides to support our mission to promote viewpoint diversity.

The first debate question:

Does censorship destroy freedom?


To be considered for the contest, you must:

  • take a position: yes/no
  • elaborate on your position: How does your submission engage with the topic at hand (i.e., censorship & freedom)? How does your submission take a position and answer the debate question? Elaborate on why you chose the position you did. Minimum: 60 words
  • submit third person author bio (~100 words)
  • submit author headshot
  • state whether submission is simultaneous submission. (If you are one of the winners, you will be asked to remove your piece from consideration elsewhere in order to move forward.)
  • submit one of the following disciplines: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, personal history, or visual art & photography.
Submission Deadline

March 16, 2021


  • Winners will be announced April 9, 2021
  • There will be winners from each side of the argument. We don’t discriminate based on opinion or perspective; having winners from both sides supports Our Mission to promote viewpoint diversity.
  • The 2 first place winners will be granted use of our Editing Services for free: One fiction/nonfiction/personal history/academic piece. Any word count. Any editing service. For free. (See our Editing Services here.)
Author Rights

By submitting with us, the author gives The Abstract Elephant Magazine LLC the right to publish the work on (i.e., first electronic rights) and the right to archive it indefinitely on our website (i.e., archival rights). 

The author retains copyright.


‘Yes’ Position First Place: Beatriz Seelaender

‘No’ Position First Place: Jacqueline Gualtieri

Contest Winners: YES, Censorship DOES Destroy Freedom

Contest Winners: NO, Censorship DOES NOT Destroy Freedom

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