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We don’t believe in paywalls. We don’t believe in requiring readers to whitelist our site. We don’t believe in restricting content from curious minds seeking to understand a little bit more about life.

We do believe in interdiciplinary research, promoting viewpoint diversity, engaging with lesser-known writers and artists, and creating a space where all are welcome to explore, learn, and interact with one another.

To continute doing this (and to do it well), The Abstract Elephant Magazine has created a Patreon page for those engaged with Our Mission and able to contribute so that we can keep creating awesome content. We are grateful to all who believe in the intentions behind TAEM, and we are looking forward to continuing to do what we love.

TAEM intends to:

  • help lesser-known writers and artists get published
  • support all opinions, perspectives, and arguments
  • contribute to an understanding of what it means to be human today

Want to help us improve?

TAEM strives to be as transparent as possible and we are always open to your perspective or feedback. If you like what we’re doing, think we’re doing a decent job in some areas but could improve in others, let us know! We’re open to suggestions and comments on how we can make our readers’ experience even better.

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