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TAEM's editing services

What does it take to become a published fiction writer? A respected essayist? A scholar on your chosen academic field?

It takes patience, dedication, research, and a LOT of editing.

That’s where we come in.

The editors at The Abstract Elephant Magazine offer a variety of editing services to help writers get published and become known.

When searching for an editor, it can get confusing exactly what kind of editing service you need. Do I need copyediting or line editing? Developmental editing or an editorial assessment? Or maybe I need structural editing or substantive editing….What’s the difference?

Every editor, publishing house, and editing service uses these terms in a slightly different way. Though there are similarities among the many definitions, it is important to determine exactly what your piece needs, and then find an editing service that gives you what you’re looking for.

TAEM offers editing services for academic, nonfiction, fiction, and personal history pieces. For each of these disciplines, we offer copyediting & line editing, structural editing & formatting, and developmental editing services.

Why Choose TAEM?

There are many editing services to choose from, so what makes us — a digital literary magazine on the human condition — stand out?

First and foremost, TAEM is dedicated to promoting unpublished or lesser-known writers, artists, and academics. This means that we have developed our editing services out of a desire to help you tell your story, perfect that paper, or develop engaging arguments.

Simply put: we love writing, editing, and helping others accomplish their writing goals.

In addition to publishing lesser-known writers and artists, TAEM saw a need for an affordable editing service for those who might be struggling in the academic or fiction publishing world. In line with Our Mission to aid those with unique ideas other publishers may have overlooked, TAEM‘s Editing Services intend to help you put your best foot forward, advancing your career as an academic, fiction, nonfiction, blog, or memoir writer.

Due to our interdisciplinary nature and the broad scope of TAEM, we have a lot of experience engaging with disparate ideas, arguments, opinions, writing styles, and formatting styles. Whether you’re looking for an academic editor, fiction editor, or SEO blog expert, the editors at TAEM have covered it all.

As an established magazine, you can trust us to know what other magazines and journals are looking for.

You can count on TAEM to:

  • keep with your desired tone and voice
  • strengthen your argument or plot
  • help your opinion shine through
  • provide comments & suggestions
  • remove grammatical & language errors
  • and a lot more! (See the editing services below for more details.)

Depending on your needs, we have an editing service geared towards you. Interested in our academic editing services but think you need help with academic copyediting, formatting for style, and content editing? Or, are you looking for a fiction editing service that can deliver both fiction line editing and a fiction manuscript critique in a timely manner? No problem — we’re happy to provide the exact editing service(s) you need.


Recently graduated from your PhD program and looking for recognition among your field’s top academic journals? Or, perhaps you’re working on your MA and want to increase your chances of acceptance into a PhD program by bolstering your CV with academic publications. TAEM‘s academic editing services help academics perfect their language, formatting, and argument to ensure their intended journal will not pass them up for publication.

Our academic editing services include:

  • Academic essays
  • Journal articles
  • Research papers

Academic categories we specialize in:

  • Humanities (e.g., history, literature, philosophy, law, arts, and theology)
  • Social Sciences (e.g., anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, and social work)

Copyediting & Line Editing

grammar, language, & style

Structural Editing & Formatting

– format, structure, & organization

Developmental Editing

– “big picture” items

Nonfiction Essay

Are you passionate about nonfiction writing, social commentaries, AP-formatted pieces, essays, or SEO articles? Looking to write about topics you care about and gain recognition as a writer? TAEM‘s nonfiction essay editing services aid essayists and bloggers with identifying appropriate word choices, sources, hyperlinks, arguments, and content.

Our nonfiction editing services include:

  • SEO blog articles
  • critiques or commentaries
  • AP-style journalistic pieces

Copyediting & Line Editing

grammar, language, & style

Structural Editing & Formatting

– format, structure, & organization

Developmental Editing

– “big picture” items


You’re a specultive fiction writer with a knack for combining horror and dystopian realities. Or, perhaps you focus more on realistic stories with a message for the modern reader. Whether you write genre fiction or literary fiction, your short story or flash fiction piece is almost complete. TAEM‘s fiction editing services identify dialogue that can be tighened up, address any errors with the plot’s flow, and provide suggestions for character arcs or content development.

Our fiction editing services include:

  • short story (1,500 – 8,000 words)
  • flash fiction (100 – 1,000 words)

Copyediting & Line Editing

grammar, language, & style

Structural Editing & Formatting

– format, structure, & organization

Developmental Editing

– “big picture” items

Personal History

Whether you have a never-ending stream of wild stories, or one extremely insightful tale, your personal history is dear to your heart and you want to find the right editor to make it stand out from the rest. TAEM‘s personal history editing services will help you identify confusing narration, clunky phrasing, font and spacing issues, and any inconsistences in point of view or voice.

Our personal history editing services include:

  • essay-length memoir pieces
  • autobiographical excerpts

Copyediting & Line Editing

grammar, language, & style

Structural Editing & Formatting

– format, structure, & organization

Developmental Editing

– “big picture” items

A Message from the Editors

abstract elephant logo

We started The Abstract Elephant Magazine with two primary intentions: to create an interdisciplinary publication and to focus on the whole gamut of what makes us human. This interdisciplinary project intended to allow disparate fields to interact with one another, so that we may find greater truths about humanity together. As we’ve developed, we’ve realized how rewarding it is to work with writers and help them reach their goal of becoming published.

Our love of editing combined with our love of working with authors to create TAEM‘s Editing Services. Here, our mission has expanded: we believe everyone has a story to tell and we are dedicated to helping you tell it.

The Process

  • Navigate to our Submittable page & submit your project, paying the appropriate fee.

  • We will respond to let you know we’ve received it and are working on it. If we have questions, we will reach out to you.

  • Within 2-4 weeks, you will receive: 1) an edited version, and 2) a polished version (for copyediting & structural editing services); and/or 1) an annotated manuscript, and 2) a 1-5 page editorial report (for developmental editing services)

  • You tell your writing friends!

Common Questions

Does TAEM publish the pieces they edit through their editing services?

Short answer: not necessarily, but it is possible.

Long answer: TAEM‘s Editing Services is not intended to function as a “pay-to-publish” model. Instead, TAEM intends to aid writers in developing their writing skills so they are more likely to be accepted by other publications. Therefore, we generally do not publish the pieces we edit through our Editing Serives.

In the event that an individual who has used our Editing Services wants their story or essay to be published by TAEM, we would be more likely to publish it since we have done the editing ourselves. However, the piece would still need to be submitted to TAEM‘s general submissions (outside of our Editing Services), and would have to include a description addressing the human condition to be considered.

How long does each editing service take?

The timeframe for each project depends on which editing service(s) you need, the word count, and how busy we are at the moment.

We can guarantee a turnaround of 2-4 weeks.

How expensive are the editing services and how do I pay?

The fee for each project depends on which editing service(s) you need and the word count.

You pay when you submit your project to our Submittable page.

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