TAEM’s Structural Editing & Formatting Service

TAEM's structural editing and formatting

Though structural editing is commonly used interchangeably with substantive editing, content editing, or developmental editing, it generally deals with assessing the structure of a work. TAEM’s structural editing services involve assessing the structure, organization of information or content, and the logic and flow of arguments (for academic and nonfiction) or plot (for fiction and personal history). Structural editing might entail reorganization of content.

Formatting typically refers to the overall look of your piece. 

Structural edits & formatting with TAEM will address:

  • Organization & coherence of content
  • Logic and flow of argument(s) (for academic and nonfiction)
  • Structure and flow of plot (for fiction and personal history)
  • Reference style, in-text citations, hyperlinks, and reference list/works cited/bibliography (for academic and nonfiction)
  • Font
  • Spacing
  • Indenting
  • Margins
  • Headers
  • Keywords and keyphrases
  • Paragraph styles
  • Drop caps
  • Quotes & breakout boxes 

TAEM’s Structural Editing & Formatting Services will address all features typically addressed in both structural editing and formatting.

You will receive: 

  • An edited version with structural edits and formatting suggestions marked by margin comments and Word’s track changes feature
  • A polished version

Academic Structural Editing & Formatting Service

TAEM’s academic structural editing will primarily address the organization of content and flow of the argument within the piece. Our academic formatting services will help you get your piece ready to be turned in (for college assignments) or submitted to specific academic journals. Do you have an academic essay or journal article that is ready for publication content-wise, but needs to adhere to a specific journal’s formatting guidelines? Let us know your intentions for your academic essay and we’ll deliver a polished, ready-to-be-published formatted draft.

Fiction Structural Editing & Formatting Service

Different publishers have different formatting guidelines, though there are industry standards when submitting fiction short stories (1,500 – 8,000 words) or flash fiction (100 – 1,000 words). Let us worry about formatting your fiction for publication and double-checking the structure and flow of the plot, so that you can focus on your creative writing!

Nonfiction Structural Editing & Formatting Service

Have an SEO blog article, a critique or commentary, or an AP-style journalistic piece that needs formatting? TAEM’s nonfiction formatting service will add headers and check the keyword usage, establish appropriate spacing and paragraph styles, and identify pull-quotes to add intrigue and dimension to your piece. Additionally, our nonfiction structural editing services will ensure your content is organized appropriately and your argument remains consistent and logical throughout.

Personal History Structural Editing & Formatting Service

Looking for personal history structural editing or formatting for your memoir excerpt? TAEM’s personal history formatting service makes it easy for you to ready your writing for publication. Whether you have a specific publication in mind, or simply want to make your creative nonfiction more appealing to literary magazines in general, TAEM is here to help.